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About Us

When we first became parents, we realized just how hard it is to choose a name for a child. It felt like a lot of pressure to choose a name we both loved and that would serve our child well for years to come. We researched hundreds of names on the web, but soon realized that it was not enough to know the historical origin of a name or how popular it is. We needed to understand what the name means to people now.

This is how the idea for Nameclouds was born.

We had a solid knowledge of naming trends, matured in years of scientific research on cultural change, so we set about developing a novel naming tool for expecting parents. We wanted to make it fun, like a game parents could tinker with in the months they are expecting. It needed to be smart, in that it could predict names each parent would like. And it had to be informative about how a name is trending, where, and with whom.

We built Nameclouds with love, lots of data science, and a dash of social psychology, to bring you a uniquely personal naming experience. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

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What is Nameclouds?

Nameclouds is a fun little tool that uses Name Prediction Technology™ to find you the perfect baby name.

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What is Name Prediction Technology™?

Name Prediction Technology™ is our exclusive algorithm that pools data from the US Census and Social Security Administration to discover what meaning names evoke and to predict what names you will like.

For example, you might like the name Oliver. Nameclouds shows you that Oliver is trendy but also classic, is popular on the coasts, is politically liberal and highly educated. It suggests names you might like, such as Everett, Lawrence, and Franklin, and lets you tinker with these characteristics to discover more names.

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Why is Nameclouds different from other baby naming apps?

  • It is adorable and fun to play with
  • It is stylish and makes a great gift!
  • It provides uniquely meaningful and up-to-date information

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How do I use Nameclouds?

Enter a name in the search box. You will see:

  • The name cloud. It shows names that are demographically similar to the one you entered. Click on any name to show its data.
  • Sliders for name popularity, trendiness, celebrity, perceived education level, and so on. Adjust the sliders to show names with different characteristics.
  • US map of name popularity. Zoomable to the county level.
  • Timeline of name popularity. Click on a past year and the map adjusts to show popularity for that year.
  • Sound-alike names. Click on any name to show its data.
  • Name info. Shows name meaning, origin, and variation.

You can also click on the Tour button in the app or look at our News page for more details.

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What is the free demo?

The free demo shows you how Nameclouds works using a few sample names and allowing you to adjust a few demographic scales.

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What do I get in my paid subscription?

You get unlimited access to the full capabilities of Name Prediction Technology™, including unlimited name searches, freedom to play with all demographic scales, visualization of name trends over time and by location (to the state and county level), name info, and your favorites list.

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Can I share my subscription with my partner or a friend?

Even better! All subscriptions to Nameclouds come with a coupon for a complimentary subscription to our Cloud Nine plan. This complimentary subscription remains active as long as the original one is active.