Seasonal Baby Names in the Nameclouds Baby Name Generator

“Summer,” “Autumn,” “August,” “June” – you’ve probably known at least one person in your life with a seasonal name. Like other names, seasonal names rise and fall in popularity. According to the Nameclouds baby name generator, these names may be making a comeback.

Why is this and why are people so attracted to the idea of naming their child after a season?

Baby Name Research Shows Seasonal Baby Names Are Popular

In a recent New York Times article, journalist Pamela Redmond pointed out that one of the most popular trends of the last decade has been to choose vintage baby names, like “Dorothy,” “Eloise,” “Florence,” “Lionel,” or “Otto.” In addition to those names, many consider classic seasonal baby names – particularly “Autumn” and “August” – to be beautifully vintage.

If you love the idea of seasonal baby names but want something a bit more original than “Summer,” you can try our Nameclouds baby name generator. You can find incredible options based on classics like “Summer” and “Autumn.”

When you enter “Summer,” “Autumn,” or any other name, Nameclouds suggests names that, while they may be outwardly different, share a deep meaning with the name you entered. Nameclouds knows about name meanings from analyzing usage data from across the U.S. and crossing it with demographic indicators that provide a rounded picture of how people perceive names.

Here’s just a taste of what you can expect. As mentioned, these names do not “look like” seasonal baby names, but are perceived similarly to them, making them both classic and original at the same time.


While not many babies are named “Spring,” there are many names that evoke the feelings of Spring, according to the Nameclouds baby name generator, and suggest  closeness to nature. Here are some options:

Boys Names:

  • Barrett
  • Demarcus
  • Jacob

Girls Names:

  • Sabrina
  • Veronica
  • Daniella
  • Amber
  • Kylie


Looking for a bright, sunny name for your child? These names are closely related to or inspired by Summer.

Boys Names:

  • Ross
  • Angel
  • Jaiden
  • Dylan
  • Joel

Girls Names:

  • Samara
  • Esmeralda
  • Phoenix
  • Rosemarie
  • Kaylin

Fall / Autumn

“Autumn” has been the go-to name for lovers of fall. If you’re looking for something a little different, the Nameclouds baby name generator.

Boys Names:

  • Mayer
  • Nicholas
  • Jesse
  • Jaden
  • Ryan

Girls Names:

  • Mara
  • Adaline
  • Addison
  • Amy
  • Julia


Not many people are named after the winter season itself. However, there are some popular names associated with everything people love about this season, including snow, stars, and the Holidays. Below are some popular winter options, including some from Nameclouds baby name generator.

Boys Names:

  • Edmond
  • Aaden
  • Addison
  • Erick
  • Nicholas

Girls Names:

  • Indira
  • Anamaria
  • Abbigail
  • Brooklyn

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