As expecting mothers are walking through crunchy leaves, sipping a pumpkin spiced latte or leaf peeping on a Vermont babymoon, the sights and smells of autumn might have them “fall-ing” in love with the perfect name.

Using Nameclouds’ Name Prediction Technology™, here are the names we’re loving this season:



A traditional name that comes to mind when the months get colder – which makes sense that it’s popular in the Northeast and the Dakotas.



While this “golden-brown gemstone” name isn’t trending, it is associated with a middle to high income and liberal upbringing.



An uncommon name, September’s birth month flower could be the perfect name for your daughter.



If your daughter is born in October, you can name her after the yellow flower of her birth month. It’s popular in the Pacific Northwest. 



Cuddling up with a hot beverage around a “flame” could light a match for your obsession with this fiery baby boy name.



While this could be a unisex name, it was a popular name for boys in the 90s but is currently trending downward. It’s popular in the Northeast.



While the flower of November is a mouthful, you can shorten it to “Chrysta” to commemorate the birth of a November baby girl.



This name could enchant you if you’re expecting a baby boy.



This name means “badger” in Old English and might sound like a strong choice for your son. Be warned; the name is associated with lower income and education.



While the traditional hue of a sapphire might not bring to mind fall’s changing colors, it is the birthstone of September.



This “precious gemstone” might make the perfect name for your precious baby girl.



A walk in the park or a presidential blast from the past could have you casting your ballot for this boy name.



Meaning “from the red meadow” in Old English, this name brings to mind a crisp fall morning.



Meaning “golden lady” in Irish Gaelic, this name could win gold in your baby name search. It’s popular in California.



This sleek, black bird is flying on an upward trend for baby girl names!



This name brings to mind a festive fall activity – or Gwyneth Paltrow’s daughter – you could be calling your cutie pie this.



Watching the leaves change in the mountains of Aspen could have you picking this dreamy boy name.



One of the most popular names on this list, Scarlett is associated with a high income and beautiful red color.



Popular in the Southwest, this name means “gold” and could have you striking gold with a baby name.



While the ash tree transforms into beautiful tones of red, yellow and orange in the fall, this popular and trendy name can be shortened to Ash.

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