It’s no secret that millennials do things their own way, and this is true with naming their babies as well. We are seeing the new generation of parents take more and more creative liberties when selecting a middle name for their child over the previous generations. 

Middle names were typically reserved for passed down family names, meaningful friendships, or surnames. Millennials have thrown their own twist on middle names and this trend is definitely here to stay.

In place of family names, millennials are using names that are more bold and that you might not see on the daily. We’ve collected 10 middle names that millennials are loving: 

  1. Bee
  2. Blue
  3. Dot 
  4. Dream 
  5. Gray 
  6. Love
  7. Rain 
  8. Snow 
  9. True
  10. Wolf

All of these middle names add an exclamation point to any first name! Do you relate to this trend? Find out more fun middle names by using our Nameclouds baby name generator! Try it now or subscribe for yourself, a friend, or a relative.