When picking the perfect name for your little one, there’s a lot to consider. One thing that is important to think about is how the name will age with your baby. 


We are seeing a lot of celebrities take creative liberties with their baby names and as fun as that is for the first few rollie pollie years, we can’t help but wonder….how cute will that name be when they are all grown up? 


For example, we see names like, Stormi, Apple, Blue Ivy, Pilot, Birdie, and so much more. Of course the personality of your child could embody these trendy names as an adult and the stars could align but there’s a chance that it won’t as well.


Starting with the name that Kylie Jenner named her daughter, Stormi. I don’t think anyone could disagree that the now toddler is a perfect fit for such a name. The name “Stormi” has gained popularity over the last couple years, all credit due to Kylie, however, on the grand scale of popularity, it’s actually trending down.


From one influential celeb to another, we now go to the queen herself, Queen Bey and her infamous naming of her oldest daughter, “Blue Ivy”.  The name “Blue Ivy” is very untraditional however, gaining traction on the popularity charts. As the child ages, shortening the name to “Blue” seems to be a popular choice. 


Wrapping up with truly one of our favorite bizarre baby names, Pilot Inspektor…. Not our favorite combination of names. However, the first name, Pilot is not bad! Definitely can be a name one can grow into and while it’s not currently trending, or charting at all, we don’t dislike it. 

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