At Nameclouds, we decided to use our Name Prediction Technology to analyze the presidential election candidates. With Election Day having a different meaning this year, today seems like the perfect time to learn what the candidates’ names say about them.


Joseph Biden


This year’s Democratic candidate for president, “Joseph” is perceived as both traditional and liberal, which is likely to appeal to a broad range of voters. 


Research shows that the name “Joseph” is highly educated and in the top income bracket. 


Although its popularity has been declining, “Joseph” is still one of the most popular names throughout the country. Joseph also is considered high on the fame factor scale, however, it is not as high on the scale as his opponent, Donald. 


Donald Trump 


Representing as the incumbent Republican president, “Donald” is considered an extremely traditional and conservative name. Research shows that the name “Donald” is highly educated but ranks in the lower income bracket. 


The name “Donald” is perceived with a high fame factor which most likely can be credited to President Donald Trump himself. While the name “Donald” has been in decline since the 1930’s, its high level of fame may be the reason for its renewed popularity today. 


Seeing as both names are high on the popularity scale and high on the fame factor scale, it is unclear on whether a name could determine the election.


We did, however, analyze the data to predict the winner of the election by using our software to categorize names that are perceived as liberal or conservative and determine voting patterns. Find out Nameclouds’ prediction for the next President of the United States here.