How should your baby’s name end? N? A? Y?

Endings are especially important in names because of the psychological concept of recency bias: What you hear last is what you remember best. That’s why parents pay attention to endings when choosing baby names, and why there are definite trends in what endings are in and out of style.

For example, we noted in The most surprising names of the past year that Everly, Emery, and Ivy were among the trendiest girl names of 2018, all ending in y. It turns out, however, that the traditional -a ending is still the most popular among baby girls, making up for a whopping 39% of all girls. Next come -e and -y names, and all of these together with -n account for about 80% of all names. The other 22 letters have to share the remaining 20%.


The popularity of endings looks a bit different for boys. Over 30% of 2018 boys have a name that ends in -n, but apart from this single letter no others stand out. The letters r, s, i, and e are a bit more popular than the rest, but overall there is a bit more diversity in the endings for boys’ names.



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