You often read that a name is “trending,” but what does that mean? To give you a detailed picture, Nameclouds quantifies name fashions with four features. Each one captures a different aspect of baby name trends, and each can be valuable to choose a baby name:

  • Popular: Our popularity measure reflects how common a name is right now among children under age 10. A name that is popular in this sense will sound familiar to your child’s friends. Less popular names, on the other hand, will feel more unique.
  • Trending down-up: A name’s popularity may be trending up or down. This feature allows you to see if a name is on its way in or out of fashion.
  • Traditional: A traditional name is one that has been popular over the decades. It may not be trendy or common right now, but it is relatively stable.
  • Fame factor: This measures how famous a name is. For example, the fame factor for George includes how often people search for George Washington, George Clooney, George Orwell, and other Georges. You can read our post Who are the notable people on Nameclouds? for more details.

In the Nameclouds app, you can use these four features of name trends to search for names you like, such as asking for a name that is both trendy and traditional, or famous but not very popular, and so on. You can try out the app for free, or subscribe for yourself, a friend, or a relative.