We’ve all seen the memes and heard the jokes, maybe even encountered one in our days… There’s no denying that certain names this year have taken a beating, most notably, the names “Karen” and “Chad”.


If by some chance, you haven’t caught on, the name “Karen” has become a nickname for those who are rude within society, perhaps they ask to speak to a manager due to any small inconvenience, they might troll the internet looking for a facebook fight. For these reasons, the saying, “don’t be a Karen” has really taken off in the trying times of 2020.


The other name that may not make it out of 2020 is, “Chad”. Essentially the male counterpart to the name “Karen”. Due to the negative fame of these names, we decided to check on their current status of popularity by checking our name data.


Here is what we found: 



The fame factor of this name is at an all time high, however the popularity of this name is clearly in decline as well as the trending levels. 



The fame factor is high and the popularity is starting to decline, not as fast as “Karen” though. Both names are equally lacking in the trending category, however. 


What do you think about these names? Do you think they will survive 2020 or live on as memes? 

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