A trend that we have been noticing over the last few years is the rising fame of the nicknames as first names. Some parents are forgoing the formality of naming their baby a full name and just skipping straight to the nickname instead. 

What do you think of this trend? 

Bella vs. Isabella 

The name “Bella” is proving to be more popular than its full version, “Isabella” which is trending down currently. 

Georgia vs. Gigi 

Both “Gigi” and “Georgia” are hanging in strong, neither one outplaying the other. 

Madison vs. Maddie

Both Madison and Maddie are evenly trending however it seems that “Maddie” is more popular than “Madison”.

Ben vs. Bennett 

The name “Bennett” is outplaying the nickname “Ben” by a longshot, both on the popular scale and the trending scale. 

Theo vs. Theodore 

Theo is a trending name, but has yet to overtake the full version of “ Theodore” which is not only popular but trending as well. 

Will vs. William 

Neither of the names Will or William seem to be trending, both are low on the scale but high on the popularity scale. The name “Will” is however doing better than “William”

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