The Social Security Administration has just released their baby name data for 2018, one of the premiere resources for all baby name enthusiasts. We have promptly updated our databases with the incoming data and we have created two charts for you, showing how the top 50 names for boys and girls have changed. As it is often the case, there is not much movement in the top 5 names, while some interesting changes have occurred further down the list. Among girl names, Ellie (+8), Aurora (+7), and Camila (+5) register the largest gains, while Brooklyn (-8), Savannah (-7), and Lillian (-7) dipped the most. Among boy names, Theodore (+16), Asher (+12), and Leo (+11) have seen some rather significant gains, while Logan and Anthony lose five places, and Matthew, Joseph, and others, lose four.

Click on the images below for a full-size picture of all changes. The charts may look intimidating, but are simply  lists that you can read from top to bottom, with the most popular names on top. In addition, the horizontal shift tells you how much the name has moved since last year: left for losses, right for gains.