Like all things, baby names see trends come and go. With a new top baby girl name this year, there might be a new trend on the horizon. Check out The Most Popular Baby Names of 2019 to read who dethroned Emma after 5 years.

Nameclouds’ data-driven platform shows you the popularity of any given name, but here are the most surprising baby names moves within the Top 50 of the past year:

 Mateo, Ezra and Josiah: Mazel tov! Three Hebrew boy names – Mateo (+11), Ezra (+10) and Josiah (+8) – are making the biggest moves in the Top 50. According to our Nameclouds baby name generator, these names sound liberal, highly educated and wealthy.

 Emilia: With a high fame factor ranking, Emilia (+16) saw the largest increase in popularity of any girl name in the Top 50. The increase could pay homage to actress Emilia Clarke from Game of Thrones which concluded its Emmy-winning series in 2019.

 Addison and Dylan: Both unisex names, Addison (girl -12) and Dylan (boy -9) saw the largest decrease in popularity within the Top 50 names. Maybe expecting parents were getting pressure to pick a more gender-specific name. 

 Luna: After last year’s biggest surprise – Nova – captured parents’ attention, Luna (+7) is this year’s stellar winner. Breaking into the Top 20, will we see this name wax or wane in the coming years?

 Savannah and Brooklyn: Maybe their parents knew ahead of time that we wouldn’t be traveling much in 2020, because both of these city-inspired names have fallen out of the Top 50.

  Sekani: Meaning “laughter” in Zimbabwe, Sekani gained the most spots of any name in 2019: moving up 6,159 places. Look who’s laughing now.

Data from the Social Security Administration.