Baby names come and go in popularity, but at the top of the list there is often not a lot of movement (see our previous post The 2018 baby name data are here!). Which are the most surprising baby names of the past year? Here are some highlights from the latest available data from the Social Security Administration:

Theodore and Theo: Theodore gained 16 places, but even more spectacularly Theo gained 47 places. According to our Nameclouds baby name generator, these names are perceived as traditional yet trendy, and sound liberal and highly educated. They are most common in the Midwest and North East. Canadian Pharmacy

Nova is the girl name that gained the most: a whole 39 places, ranking now 56 among all girl names. In contrast with Theodore and Theo, Nova has no strong association with tradition, education, or liberal vs. conservative orientation, and perhaps because of this it is increasing in popularity all over the country.

Everly, Emery, and Ivy are the three girl names that gained the most after Nova, each climbing more than 20 spots. It seems that girl names ending in -y may be making a come back. We’ll keep you posted!

Alexa is the girl name that slipped the most, losing 25 places compared to the previous year. Perhaps people don’t want to name their daughters after an electronic¬† shopping assistant?

Aaron, Brayden, Jason: Popular boy names have not lost a lot of ground, but we can highlight Aaron (-13), Brayden (-12), and Jason (-8) as the boy names for which parents’ hearts beat a bit slower this year than last year. Get Modafinil online

We will post more about surprising baby names as our analyses proceed. Would you like to be able to find out this and other information about any name? Try the Nameclouds Free Demo or subscribe for yourself, a friend, or a relative.