The next Presidential election is less than a year away. How will Democratic voters choose the right candidate? The Nameclouds baby name generator shows us what feelings the Democratic candidates’ names evoke.

What’s in a Name?

The thing you hear the most about a candidate is their name, and understanding what feelings a name evokes may be suggestive of each candidate’s prospects. Here is what you can learn about each candidate’s name with the Nameclouds baby name generator.

Joseph Biden

Joseph Biden is a leading Democratic contender. Does that match what Nameclouds says about him? Actually, yes. The name “Joseph” is perceived as both traditional and liberal, which is likely to appeal to a broad range of voters. Although it’s popularity has been declining, “Joseph” is still one of the most popular names throughout the country.

Bernie Sanders

“Bernie” is short for “Bernard,” which means “bear” or “brave as a bear,” a fitting name for someone who quickly returned to the campaign trail after a heart attack. The names “Bernard” and “Bernie” are currently so rare that little can be said about what people think of them. In name as in person, Bernie Sanders is a real wild card!

Elizabeth Warren

Of all the places in the U.S., the name “Elizabeth” is most popular in Wyoming. Interestingly, according to the poll site FiveThirtyEight, Ms. Warren is by far the top candidate in that state, with over 80% preference. Who said that names don’t matter?

Pete Buttigieg

While his last name is uncommon, Pete Buttigieg’s first name is far from rare, and it is the only one among the major candidate’s names that is not currently trending down. Maybe the South Bend (IN) mayor’s fate in the campaign will also trend up?

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