Feeling Wanderlust? We are too!

Remember the days where we could travel without social distancing and facemasks? We are counting down the days when traveling is 100% safe again! But we know for certain, the travel bug has bitten us hard, and got us thinking… 

Just how much does traveling inspire baby names and how popular are these names in today’s world? 

See below for our findings!

Top Travel Inspired Boy Names


From Kingston, Jamaica to Kingston, Australia, this popular boy name can be found far and wide in over 63 places around the world.

  • Trending up
  • Skyrocketing in popularity since 2006. 


The historic city made famous in the Greek epic The Iliad and the site of the legendary Trojan War, this name encompasses strength and history alike. 

  • Trending down 
  • Steadily declining since 1969


Whether it reminds you of the cathedral city in England, or the US state named after the Duke of York, the name York evokes a sense of history. 

  • Trending down 
  • Remained average in its popularity since the 1920s, dropping slightly in 1960.


Hailing from the Old Testament, Israel has a history dating back millennia that should inspire the history-driven traveler.

  • Trending up
  • Has been on a steady incline of popularity since the 1950s. 

Top travel inspired Girl Names


The city of love and lights is making a name for itself in a new way. Peaking alongside the popularity of Paris Hilton, the name is seeing a resurgence.

  • Trending up 
  • Peaked in 2004 and is back on the rise 


One of the largest cities in Spain and home of “The Holy Grail,” this might just be the miraculous name you have been looking for.  

  • Trending up 
  • Growing steadily in popularity since 2019 


State capital of Montana, this stoic city was once the crown jewel of the Gold Rush. Its name perfectly encapsulates the adventure that is the American West.

  • Trending up
  • Rapidly increasing in popularity since the 1980s.


Not just one of the most populous countries in the world, the name India was derived from the river Sindhu (Indus River), this remerging name has been traced back as far as the 9th century. 

  • Trending up
  • Peaked in 2002 and is currently gaining popularity again since 2019.

Top Travel-Inspired Unisex Names


This famous ski/snowboarding city, this is the perfect name for the nature loving, winter craving traveler who wants their baby hitting the slopes with them. 

  • Trending up
  • Has been on trending upward since 1990 and skyrocketed in growth in 2009 


Also known as the “Heartbeat of Harlem,” Lennox Avenue in New York City doesn’t just highlight the pulsating energy of the United States’ largest city, but compliments the metropolitan travel junkie. 

  • Trending down
  • Began growing in 2006 but been on a steady decline since 2019

To our surprise, travel themed names are mostly on the incline! Interested in seeing if these names made the 2019 top baby name list? Find out here!