Top Baby Names Inspired By International Travel


Remember the days where we could travel without fear and facemasks? We can’t wait for the day when traveling is safe again! It’s safe to say, the travel bug has bitten us hard, and got us thinking… 


Just how much does traveling inspire baby names and how popular are these names in today’s world? 


See below for our findings!



  • Trending up 
  • Peaked in 2004 and is back on the rise 



  • Trending up 
  • Growing steadily in popularity since 2019 



  • Trending up
  • Rapidly increasing in popularity since the 1980s.



  • Trending up
  • Peaked in 2002 and is currently gaining popularity again since 2019.



  • Trending up
  • Has been on a steady incline of popularity since the 1950s. 



  • Trending up
  • Skyrocketing in popularity since 2006. 



  • Trending down 
  • Steadily declining since 1969



  • Trending down 
  • Remained average in its popularity since the 1920s, dropping slightly in 1960.

To our surprise, travel themed names are on the incline! Interested in seeing if these names made the 2019 top baby name list? Cross compare here!