The baby name trends over the last couple decades has been a rollercoaster, there is always something new and that’s what makes naming your baby so exciting! There are so many different names that you can choose from.

Recently we have noticed more traditional names become revamped and reinvented. This is such a great way to use family names that may be a bit too traditional for your taste but very sentimental and someone that you want to honor. 

Here are some traditional names that are getting new modern touch: 

Franklyn – Franki (both boy or girl), 

We are seeing an increase in new parents naming their little one Franki. Is it currently trending for both genders. 

Katherine – Kit, Kay, Kait, Erin, Kath, Kate 

There is so much you can do with the name Katherine. We know that short first names/nicknames  are on the rise so names like Kit or Kait would be a great alternative and a great way to honor a relative. 

Vivian– Viv, Vivvy, Vivianne

Vivianne is such a classic, high status name. We are seeing a lot of the “Vivianne” spelling these days. 

George – Georgi (both boy or girl) 

When you think of traditional names, “George” is probably what you thought, isn’t it? It’s making a comeback and this time it’s gender neutral. “Georgi” is currently making a splash on the popularity scale for both genders. 

Theodore – Theo, Teddy, Thor, Dory

A fan favorite for many years, “Theodore” is an institution. If you want to honor a relative, shortening to “Theo” and adding a more modern middle name would be a great way to reinvent this classic. 

Do you have other family names not on this list that you want to check out? Use our Nameclouds baby name generator! Try it now or subscribe for yourself, a friend, or a relative.